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Ultra violet

After being launched in the U.S. in October 2011, UltraViolet has been fully embraced by the home entertainment consumer. It has emerged as the standard for viewing downloaded and streamed movie and TV collections anytime, anywhere using an array of devices. UltraViolet’s momentum continues to build with accounts growing rapidly and companies increasingly embracing the format. Significant new content has been added, multiple viewing options are being offered and UltraViolet is expanding to new distribution outlets/retailers and apps/devices.

With UltraViolet, you can get multiple downloaded copies and streaming access across multiple devices and platforms and, all members of your UltraViolet account can enjoy the movie or TV show. UltraViolet enhances owning films and TV shows on discs. UltraViolet is a great companion to physical media – and, in turn, DVDs/BDs complement UltraViolet’s value to the consumer. Many consumers want the benefits of physical media and the ability to use downloads and streaming – UltraViolet enables this more than ever before.

UltraViolet does not require the purchase of new hardware to use UltraViolet streaming and/or downloads. It already works with millions of CE devices, as well as PCs/Macs, tablets and smartphones (via updates to retailers’ web services that these devices connect to, via apps or browsers).

With Disc-to-digital you can take movies you own and, for a small fee, get a digital copy to watch anywhere, anytime. Consumers can enjoy the right to UltraViolet downloads and streaming access, as well as continuing to view their movies and TV shows on disc.  This can be done via (1) in-store services, e.g. Walmart/VUDU; (2) specially-designed CE devices and PC applications that recognize a disc and walk the consumer through a short series of steps to obtain an UltraViolet right; and (3) “purchase history” recognition and upgrading of rights without the actual disc being needed, e.g. when a consumer has bought discs via e-commerce in the past.

Companies embracing UltraViolet have worked tirelessly to make it the most enjoyable, user-friendly digital home entertainment experience possible.

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