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DVD Video

When DVD was introduced to the market in mid-1997, it offered up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution, storage capacity of up to 133 minutes (4.7 gigabytes) of full-motion video per side on a single layer disc, enabling most movies to be stored on a single side. Dual-layer discs store more than four hours of video.

DVD players offer a variety of special video features through an easy-to-use menu. Special features include multiple aspect ratios, informational features, scene access and multiple camera angles.

DVDs also have great durability, so picture quality will not degrade after multiple viewings, and the discs do not deteriorate over time.

DVDs provide digital surround sound capabilities and other audio enhancements to movie and music content. DVDs are compatible with surround systems that feature five speakers plus a subwoofer. DVDs can feature multiple audio tracks, which allow for multiple foreign language translations of a title on a single disc, as well as alternate audio tracks such as running commentary from actors and directors, or alternate soundtracks featuring music only.