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Digital/Digital HD

Research has shown that consumers have a growing understanding of “Digital” as a home entertainment product and service offering, and the proliferation of retailer services and digital storefronts has reinforced those behaviors and knowledge. Consumers are very familiar with the term “HD” and appreciate the value and benefits that it brings to their entertainment. Combining these concepts with the positioning of “Digital HD” to convey high definition digital ownership is a compelling offer that we feel that the marketplace will respond to positively.

The DEG Marketing Committee is aligning messaging for all marketing materials and consumer communication touch points. Later this year, the top of Blu-ray Disc packages will include newly designed Digital HD or Digital HD + UltraViolet logos. The back of the package and product stickers will prominently feature graphic representations of Digital HD or Digital HD + UltraViolet and the devices available for consumers to enjoy digital versions of the movie purchased.

Next, the Committee will work to further refine overarching and specific target audience messaging. A style guide is being developed for studios and retailers with focus on all advertising and marketing materials including television, online, on-screen, product inserts and retail point-of-sale. The DEG’s newly created Retail Task Force consisting of key physical and digital account sales executives will work closely with the Marketing Committee to support retailers with the roll out of new messaging and other promotional activities.