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E3 News That Matters To Installing Dealers, A/V Retailers

Microsoft’s Xbox One S, at $299, will compete with more expensive 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players, currently priced at $399 from Samsung and Philips, for a spot in home entertainment systems, given its inclusion of a 4K Blu-ray player, 4K streaming [...]

Netflix Discloses Binge-Viewing Data

When Netflix borrowed a selling point of complete TV show seasons on DVD for its original streamed series, the social phenomenon of binge viewing — watching consecutive episodes — was created. It’s a strategy Netflix wants to employ with its [...]

Warner Bros. Forms Over-the-Top Video Division

Warner Bros. has formed Warner Bros. Digital Networks, aggregating the studio’s owned digital video and over-the-top video services and focused on expanding its reach into direct-to-consumer entertainment. The new division will be led [...]

Mediamorph Lands Hulu Deal

Mediamorph said Hulu has picked the cloud-based rights management firm to help the OTT-SVOD provider improve its contract management capabilities and assess the financial value of its growing content library.

Paramount: A Laborious Process Behind UHD Blu-rays

In April, Paramount Home Media Distribution announced Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness would be its first Ultra High-Def (UHD) Blu-ray Discs, hitting retail on June 14. But the work to get the discs made properly for 4K players and TVs [...]

Samsung 4K Blu-ray Player Gets UHD Alliance Certification

Samsung’s UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the only 4K Blu-ray player available in the U.S., has become the industry’s first 4K Blu-ray player to get its performance certified by the UHD Alliance (UHDA).

Samsung 4K SUHD TVs Roll Out As Company Plays 4K Blu-ray Catch-Up

Samsung has begun rolling out an expanded lineup of 16 SUHD-technology 4K Ultra HD TVs with a mix of flat and curved screens, all meeting or exceeding the minimum performance criteria established by the Ultra HD Alliance (UHDA).

Dish Streaming Netflix in 4K UHD

Dish Network has begun streaming select Netflix content such as Marvel’s “Daredevil” and original political series, “House of Cards” in 4K Ultra HD resolution via its updated Hopper 3 DVR and a compatible 4K television.

Comcast Eyes Standalone Option for Stream TV Service

Stream TV, Comcast’s in-home, managed IPTV service that’s being offered in two markets, has entered the news cycle again, and again there seems to be some confusion about how it’s being delivered into the customer’s home.