The Digital Entertainment Group

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The DEG has four primary Committees – Marketing, Media & Content Operations, Communications and Research. Details of the Committees are available by contacting the DEG offices. All members may volunteer to serve on Committees each year. DEG Committees meet regularly to explore different issues that affect the market. Committee Chairs report on these findings to the DEG Board of Directors and make recommendations to the group.


The Marketing Steering Committee and its related Task Forces on Blu-ray Discs, Digital HD/UltraViolet, Ultra HD 4K and Sound aims to increase awareness and adoption of physical and digital products, and explores consumer marketing with [...]

14 members


The Communications Committee guides the broad scope of current DEG activities and helps publicize its myriad initiatives, including participation in trade events, promotions, merchandising and educational endeavors.

10 members

Technology & Operations

The Technology & Operations Committee is focused on creating efficiencies and promoting collaboration across the physical and digital supply chains. The group also provides leadership to the Digital Supply Chain Task Forces, who are focused [...]

13 members

Market Research

The DEG Market Research Committee is tasked with tracking market trends and sales in the home entertainment industry. The group reports on the latest sales information for physical media and digital content. In addition, the Committee oversees [...]

13 members